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vibracoring and marine geoscience 


Australia's leading provider of vibracoring services for geotechnical and resource assessments


Quaternary Resources offers a total solution to all nearshore and offshore marine survey requirements.  Our core business includes vibracoring (vibrocoring), offshore mineral exploration for mining companies, as well as marine geophysical & hydrographic surveys in support of port development, engineering and dredging. Vibracoring is a specialist sediment sampling technique used to sample unconsolidated sediments.


Quaternary Resources has extensive experience undertaking offshore mineral exploration programs for marine aggregate, iron sand, shell sand, heavy minerals, diamond and phosphate.  This includes all facets of project management including; desktop studies, survey planning, data acquisition, sediment sampling, coring, geophysical and data interpretation, ore calculations and report writing.


Specialist areas of operation:

Marine mineral exploration programs

Geotechnical/geochemical investigations

Mineral resource assessments

Contaminated sediment surveys

Pre-dredge surveys

Scientific research investigations

Pipeline/cable surveys

Site surveys

Ground-truthing sub-bottom geophysical interpretations

Vibracorer operator training

global market

Quaternary Resources has sold vibracoring systems to customers across the globe - Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Namibia, New Zealand, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, USA

designed and fabricated in Australia

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