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vibracore specifications



Depth rating

Core length

Maximum weight in air

Total height


Tower base footprint

Vibrating head unit

Electrical power umbilical

Power supply

Power requirement

Switch gear

Corrosion protection

Core barrels

Bit/core catchers





Quaternary Resources Pty Ltd

To 300 m

1 – 6 meters

250 kg

6.8m (6m core barrel)

3.8m (3m core barrel)

Demountable tubular aluminium and stainless steel construction with quick

release scaffolding fittings on three collapsible legs

3.5 m diameter

Aluminium/steel watertight head containing two 3-phase electric motors. 

Weight 140kg.  Vibration frequency: 1000/1250 rpm with 50/60 Hz

Standard 100 m (up to 350m), Siemens Hydrofirm cable with Seacon marine cable connectors, abrasion protection and flotation buoys at the tower end.

380/440 VAC 3-phase power

Running power 3-6 Amp

0.76 kW

Shipboard 3-phase power or 8-10kVA 3-phase generator

Surface control system consisting of a watertight safety control box with residual current device (RCD) and thermal overload relay, a hand control on/off switch and waterproof Seacon marine cable connectors

All steel parts are hot dip galvanised.  All other components are high quality aluminium and 316 stainless steel.


Typically use extruded aluminium tube - Alloy 6062 or 6060, Temper 5. 80mm OD, 2mm wall thickness.  Can also use 3” OD, 1.6mm wall thickness stainless steel 306/316 tube with or without flat plastic liner and 80mm OD PVC tube.


Stainless steel bit with stainless steel shim fingers.  Pop rivet to core barrel.

Up to 6m in well-sorted, compacted sand.  Greater penetration in muddy

sediments, less in semi-consolidated gravels or stiff clays. Typical time for full (6m) penetration in compacted fine to medium grained sands: 1 - 2 minutes.


Core is retained in disposable aluminium barrels or reusable stainless steel

barrels with flat plastic liner.  The aluminium can be cut to suitable lengths

and sealed for storage and transport or cut longitudinally for on-site



Remote: from ships of opportunity of ~ +15m length or greater for work in exposed marine environments to water depths of 300m.  Barges from 8m length are suitable for protected water coring.  Vessels must have either hydraulic or electric winch/capstan capable of a minimum of 1 tonne pull or hydraulic crane (HIAB type with winch) with same performance

Complete system with spares and consumables (excluding core barrels) are packaged into 2.0m long x 1.0m wide x 1.0m high crate for airfreight/seafreight worldwide.

Total weight around 600kg

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